Survey of Corporate Signatories of ‘The Complex Interpretation of Corporate Sustainability’ Recommendation for Business Leaders – 2017
The purpose of this annually-conducted survey is to track the changes, trends, and developments in the field of corporate sustainability. In 2017, according to our Recommendation on climate change, we’ve focused on environmental responsibility.

The questions are categorized into two parts:
I. Trends – 5 questions focus on examining the trends and factors that influence corporate sustainability
II. Environmental responsibility- 15 question focus on the sustainability activities of companies, including the reduction of CO2, the use of alternative energy, as well as the extension of these activities to their whole supply chain.

The current questionnaire should take appr. 40 minutes to complete.
As you cannot pause and save the online version partway through completing it,
please read the short introduction (attached) carefully before you start to fill it in.
If you would prefer not to fill in the online form, please send us back the questionnaire in a .doc or scanned .pdf format (Takács Ivett:

By filling in the questionnaire you grant permission for BCSDH to use the information you provide through this survey or on your website in its analysis and publicly-available future publications. However, should we like to use the information you provide, we will contact you in advance to obtain your prior consent.

If you need any information or help related to this questionnaire, feel free to contact Ivett Takács, Head of Project at phone +36-30-317-1160, or in e-mail:

Please complete and return the questionnaire by 31st of March, 2017.